Bio of the sisters

Teresa was born in Volta Mantovana in 1926. In 1934 she moved with her parents and her little sister Enrica to Rovereto. In 1936 her father abandoned the family in search of fortune in Africa and came back ten years later. In 1947 her little sister Ornella was born. Teresa dedicated herself to Ornella in the attempt to protect and assure her of  a better future. For this reason, in 1947 she began to work as a teacher in the primary schools of the little villages in the mountains. She was a sweet and beloved teacher. From the end of the sixties until 1984 Teresa worked as a teacher in the schools of Rovereto, finally closer to her family. Teresa has always been an attractive woman, loved by several men, but despite the numerous proposals of marriage, she has always refused. Today Teresa is 89, she still lives in her own home with the help of a caregiver and with the devoted presence of her sister Ornella that visits her everyday. She still loves men and never loses the opportunity to be flattered.

Ornella was born in Rovereto in 1947. She was raised there just after the Second World War by her mother and grew up with her two older sisters Enrica and Teresa. By the time she was 22 years old, Ornella was already an obstinate and determined woman. She graduated with a University degree in Sociological studies when her first love Carlo asked her to get married. They were married in 1970. In her marriage Ornella found the independence she has always looked for, happiness and the love for travelling. In 1975 she gave birth to Emanuele her only son, to whom she gave all her love without sacrifing her job as a teacher. After 21 years of marriage, Ornella and Carlo divorced. Ornella  then began a new career as an educational consultant with passion and success. Today Ornella is 68 years old, she still works, even too much and she travels every time she can. She keeps a strong bond with her older sister Teresa visiting her every day.