Director’s notes

I made this film with a desire to capture the present, before it was too late. My aunt Teresa was getting old and was losing her memory.
I wanted to film Teresa and her exceptional relationship with her 21 years younger sister Ornella, my mother. Soon, the ‘eye’ of the camera became a mirror in which the two sisters could confront themselves in an unusual honest way. After one year of filming they opened the door to an untold family story, a story my aunt Teresa refused to speak about, even if it had changed her life; a story my mother Ornella didn’t dare to ask about even if it was a missing part of her identity.
The film is an emotional and intense journey about my family. It is a film about the onset of old age that forces us to look behind and confront ourselves with the choices we have made in our lives.

Manu Gerosa, August 2015