3 reel online slots

Classic ” one-armed bandits ” with a limited number of reels and combinations on which winnings are counted, remain popular even despite the appearance of more functional slots. The players’ special attention is attracted by three-line devices. After all, they have a laconic design, retro style and simple functionality.

What are 3 reel online slots?

Slot machines 3 reels are video slots, which by their design and characteristics are as close as possible to the classic “one-armed bandits”. They don’t necessarily copy the theme of fruits, sevens and bells, but they have a simplified gameplay.

The slots are built in such a way that the player can feel the full intensity of gambling in a real casino. For example, in the Tropical Juicel slot, the theme and rules from mechanical slot machines are completely copied. This will attract the attention of fans of retro machines.

Features of slot machines:

  • the most simplified game process;
  • a small number of symbols, some slots have wild and scatter;
  • limited number of reels, mostly 3;
  • the design copies the design of real gaming machines;
  • the ability to choose the size of the bet;
  • more gambling and interesting game.

Features of the design of 3 reel slots

Since these online slots are as close as possible to one-armed bandits, their design is very similar to them.

In Tropical Juice, the interface is built in the form of a real machine. On the right, you can even see the lever with which the players started the reels in real casinos. The design is similar to slot machines with one line, for example, Double Wammy and Spectacular .

There are classic online slots and modern designs. For example, Enchanted Woods has a brighter appearance, and its interface has an unusual design. A two-line automatic machine has also been developed in the classic style.

In any case, the principle of the game is the same – to make a combination of the same symbols. After that, the player receives the prize.

Additional functions

Like classic slot machines, three-line machines are characterized by rather limited functionality. Some manufacturers add wild or scatter symbols, but these symbols have only a standard set of functions. They do not know how to expand to reels and launch additional games. Also, very often there is a classic risk game, where the user can multiply the amount of coins won.

The slot machines of 5 lines have more functions. For example, in Beetle Frenzy , despite its classic design, the player can receive super-winnings and collect bonus symbols.

The principle of the game

In slot machines, the meaning of the lines is reduced to the fact that only on them the player is given a prize for a chain of identical symbols. All other combinations will not play and the user will not receive a win.

In slots for three lines, prize combinations are counted only for three possible options. At the same time, the payout ratios can be even higher than on more modern devices. Therefore, in some cases, playing on classic devices, the user can earn much more.

How to play?

  • Choose a classic slot and read its rules.
  • Place a specific bet (variations may vary).
  • Spin the reels – every successful combination will give you a win.

Slot machines on 3 reels allow players to feel the irrepressible gambling excitement, just like on one-armed bandits. It is on these slots that it is very interesting to play, completely immersing yourself in the world of real gambling entertainment.

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